Rosti, South Africa


The iconic mixing bowl

Wonder how many glorious golden brown pancakes originated in the Margrethe? This multi functional mixing bowl is an absolute classic that hasn’t lost a bit of its charm in all those years. There is a suitable size for every kind of use, from whipping a small amount of cream to go on top of some beautiful fresh strawberries, to making a large amount of dough for a loaf of bread for the entire family.

Margrethe: a timeless icon

The Margrethe bowl has become an award-winning Danish design icon that has been depicted on stamps and which also has a place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Rosti baking utilities

Baking a cake will be more fun with the baking utilities from Rosti. Whether your in the kitchen alone or together with friends or family, enjoy more with the help of Rosti!

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