Wüsthof Limited Lifetime Warranty


WÜSTHOF cutlery is manufactured with the highest quality standards and fulfils the required DIN (German Industry Standard) as well as the EN (European Standard).
WÜSTHOF cutlery is fully warranted to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship. The warranty does not apply for normal wear or misuse.


  • WÜSTHOF products are professionally crafted tools, but are not indestructible, so each of the following is excluded from this Warranty:
  • Injuries and damage (including without limitation bent tips, chipped or broken blades and melted handles) caused by or resulting from in whole or part any or all of the following: modification(s) not authorized by WÜSTHOF, misuse, abuse, neglect, acts of God (including without limitation fire, tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes), accident, inappropriate use (including without limitation cutting frozen foods or bones, opening jars or cans and cutting on dense surfaces (such as cooling racks, glass, granite and stainless steel);
  • Each WÜSTHOF product that is made of wood or, in the case of a product—such as a knife with a wooden handle—that combines wood and other materials, only the wooden portion, because wood is a natural product that cannot be guaranteed;
  • Sharpening tools and honing steels, due to their abrasive nature; and
  • Customary wear and tear, including without limitation straight-edge and serrated blades that are dull, bent, scratched, corroded or marked.


  • For each product or part determined by WÜSTHOF to be defective or to have failed under the use and conditions covered by this Warranty and within the Coverage Period, WÜSTHOF will, at its option, repair or replace such product or part at no expense to you (provided, however, that you will be responsible for all shipping or transportation costs in connection with transporting the relevant product to WÜSTHOF). In the event of such defect or failure of any such product or part, the foregoing will be your exclusive remedy.

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